My Very First Blogpost…


“Happy blogging!”

That line made me think on what to write for my very first blog post that would make it happy.

Here it goes, since this is my very first blog post consider me as a newbie still trying to learn this stuff, please consider any mistakes that I may do in the near future in this blog post. Those mistakes are unintentional.

Random thoughts are running through my mind on what will my topic be. What category should I tackle? Maybe because I can fit on some categories that I can relate somehow.

Maybe I’ll choose Photography, I really love to take pictures but I’m still learning to be good at it. Or maybe I’ll choose food, I may be choosy on what food I would like to eat because I’m watching my diet.


At this point in time, I’m still thinking things through about the category options.

One more thing that bothers me, the design of the blog site. As a woman, I think the design is one of the most important aspect of blogging. I mean, we must consider the audience of our blog site/post. Since visualization is significant to some people. To capture the attention of the readers our design should be attractive to them.

In my own point of view, not all readers like very complex designs, some of them like simple yet elegant designs.

Hopefully, I can pick out the right design for my blog post. Maybe someday, I can be a good blogger to help and inspire people.

That’s all for now, I have run out of words to post.

ChiBoomz xoxo


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