This is my second blog post.

There are certain things or maybe questions that I can’t find the right answers about the whole blogging thing. I don’t want to think I’m going to be paranoid (I hope not) and I’m running out of time, maybe it’s just the friday fever getting into my nerves. You see when the weekend comes, I have limited resources (e.g. pc and internet connection) to fill up my knowledge about those things, I only have a smartphone and limited internet connection.

And certainly, I can’t wait for the next week ahead, I’ll be busy doing office works (sigh!). So please do comment your answers to these questions I’m going to post below. Thank you very much in advance!


1. What categories and tags should I enter? Is there a list from where I can choose?

2. Are there differences between a blog post and a page? If there is, what are those?

3. How do I manage my menus?

4. Can I add a primary menu? How?

5. What is a social menu? Can I have several social menus? How?

Those are my questions as of now. Please Please Please answer.

Thank you very much!

ChiBoomz xoxo


8 thoughts on “NEWBIE IN NEED OF HELP!

  1. Alright, let me see if I can take a crack at it 🙂

    1. Categories: You choose to add whatever categories you would like. Categories are basically a way to group your posts under several topics. At our blog, our categories are labeled on the bottom of the website.

    Tags: Tags are what other people can Google and look up on WordPress to find content like the ones you have. (Like writing, blogging etc.) You type those in yourself.

    2. Yes, a blog post is what you just wrote of which is updated by you constantly and a page(s) are the part of the blog which new visitors constantly visit the most because it is a part of the site that is usually most visible and stays in the same place.

    Please feel free to ask for clarification!

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    • Thank you so much for answering.
      1. I get it now, Categories and tags are inputs of the blogger, in short unique.
      2. I’m quite confused at the beginning of the concepts of blog post and a page, I thought they are just the same. But now I’m almost getting the whole concept. I still have another question, can a page consist of several blog posts?

      Thank you for your time and understanding..

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  2. I have used hashtags on twitter. I get the idea now, hashtags and tags are almost the same except the “#” symbol.

    I can enter my own categories maybe different or the same with others depending on the topic being discussed in my blogposts.

    I’m almost getting the concept of posts and pages, a page can consists several posts just like on facebook. “Newbie in Need of Help” is not considered as a post because it has its own link, am I right?. Can it be considered as a post if it is inside a page?

    I’m going to ask the same questions to the link you have given me.

    And by the way, all those things that you said PERFECTLY MAKE SENSE to me.
    Thank you very much! xoxo


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