Weekend Routine

Saturdays and Sundays.

In these days, I get the satisfaction of waking up a little bit late, no alarm clocks and no work, so I can get up whenever I want to.

Compared to my previous weekends in the past years, I usally get up around 9am or even 10am l, however,  now I got used in waking up at 7am to do some additional activities.

After I filled up my tummy with something hot, I suit up in my sports wear and do some cardiovascular exercises (e.g. Treadmill and sit ups). After warming down, I do some household chores but not too much, I prepare our lunch, and after eating I do the washing of the dishes.

Every Saturday afternoon, I just stay in the house trying to do something (e.g. watch movies,  surf the net, eat) unless I’m obliged to go out.

And on Sundays,  I go to Church to attend the mass, most of the time I’m alone. And after the mass I get home immediately.

This is my extra curricular time for blogging.

Laters! Have a nice day ahead to all..

chiboomz xoxo


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