Ideal Posts


This my tenth post. I’m quite
Until now, I still haven’t manage what should I blog about.
The irony of having a site title “a little bit of everything” has gotten me to the level of confusion. Maybe I should change my site title or maybe not.
If I do change my site title, what title will I choose? Just another question to think about.
About the concept of everything, the reason why I chose that one as a site title is because I don’t have to worry on what I will blog about.
So maybe I’ll just keep it that way, I guess I don’t have to confuse myself on whatever I need to post. This is my blog site anyway.
My site.My choice.
chiboomz xoxo

31 thoughts on “Ideal Posts

      • You probably are.. I’ve had this same problem. What you could try to do is focus on tags and drafts.. Draft a topic you’d like to talk about. Maybe not right away but at a later date. Write a bit, leave it, write some more later.. That’s how I try to do it and it works for me. Mostly (sometimes I just delete the entire thing).

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      • Thanks for sharing, since yesterday I was thinking on what to post, I have some ideas but it got suddenly messed up with other random things.

        At least now I can use draft. thank you for your suggestions. 🙂

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  1. INCOMESCO / Jesi says:

    Probably You might change, I guess, as title : Under The Sun, and Tag line : A Little Bit Of Everything. But I am not sure !


  2. i feel the same, i’m not so sure if i can keep focusing on food related topic because i also want to post about family trips, gatherings…just like you a little bit of everything. mahirap pala mag blog =)… i like what you said “my site, my choice” …bahala na si batman =) …
    Good day michelle

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    • I titled my site that way so I don’t have to worry what topic will I post about. Mahirap talaga sa umpisa. But, as you go on you will learn many things, by yourself and the help of others. The, you will enjoy!

      In this place I can choose whatever I want and feel to write as long as it is right. Good day to you Chon! 🙂

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  3. I really like your idea of a blog. I have a blog about nothing myself, without a defined topic, and I think it’s wonderful and different.
    Most blogs today focus on only one thing, which is safe writing but I honestly find it kind of boring.
    Keep up your blog and I hope you’re having a wonderful day x

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