Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is just a few days away.
This year we celebrate the Year of the Wooden Ship.

Horoscopes can be read on the internet. Depending on the birth year, the destiny of one person is defined in terms of career, love, family, wealth and health.

However, not all seem to believe in horoscopes. I think horoscopes are just a guide on what path to take. In fact, we are all in charge of our own life, how we will manage it everyday, sometimes not knowing what will be the outcome.

Contrary to the last paragraph, some people believe so much in horoscopes. Some invest money in paying for psychic advisers and buying charms and crystals to attract good luck and push away the bad aura.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year here in the Philippines is not complete without festive street presentations, also the famous dragon dance and beautiful fireworks.

As we welcome another Chinese New Year, may we attract good luck in our lives by doing good. And if we do encounter bad luck, may we learn the things that we should avoid in the near future.

We should remember that every new year in our lives we all have ups and downs, it is up to us on how to deal with it.

chiboomz xoxo


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