Fifty Shades Fever


“We aim to please Ms. Steele”

– Christian Grey

One of the familiar lines in the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James.

These books have taken the world like storm with over a million copies sold, making it a worldwide bestseller. All avid fans of the book are very much aware of the movie adaptation which will be shown three days from now.

However, not all countries are open to the idea of showing the movie in their respective cinemas. Somehow, fans from those countries are disappointed, especially when they are expecting it.

Here in my country, several months ago, a news suddenly came out of nowhere that the movie will not be shown in cinemas.  Since I’m an avid fan, I’m really disappointed. The idea of downloading the movie thru torrent sites came up to me. We really need to watch it.

Just last week, I saw that the movie will still be shown here in our country. Happiness and excitement was felt. As the days came closer, the feeling just got bigger.

But seeing headline news on the internet, like “Fifty Shades of Grey Banned,” “Fifty Shades of Grey will not be shown”, I feel bad for those who cannot see it.

Just now, I saw this on the newsfeed of my FB account, ‘Blurred’ and ‘blocked’, ‘Fifty Shades’ not in SM Cinemas due to MTRCB rating. It was given an R-18 rating and now this one. A big “OH NO!”.

Some may think that the BDSM theme of the movie is really a no-no in the society, but come to think of it, in some way it really does happen in real life situation.

Looking at a different perspective, this movie can also be acceptable, I’m not saying because I’m a fan but a reader, I have read the whole trilogy, mainly the theme of the books is BDSM however, it is also a story full of love, hope, and some humor.

To those who haven’t read the book, you better start reading now. It’s a page-turner. It will bring you sleepless nights. It brings out inner desires you never thought of. To summarize it all up in one word, ADDICTING.

Laters baby. x

ChiBoomz xoxo


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