A Day Before Valentine’s Day

Bouquet of flowers, chocolates and gifts, these are the common things we see and often receive during Valentine’s Day.

Today is the day before the most awaited celebration, especially for lovers, couples and even singles (just like me). The question lingering in my mind right now, what does people do a day before Valentine’s day?

Maybe, boys rush to flower shops to place orders for a bouquet of flowers and girls go to shopping malls to buy their dress for them to wear on a date and gifts for their special someone. I guess that’s what lovers do.

For couples, a reservation for a dinner in a fine dining restaurant or a hotel. Intimacy is the word for it.

Well, for singles like me, nothing much special, just like a normal day in my life. Working, blogging, and doing other routinely activities.

In any way how we celebrate Valentine’s Day, let us be reminded that it’s not about expensive gifts and places, but it’s the thought, time, and effort we exerted to let those people dear to us feel special and happy.

“Remember God’s love is the greatest love of all.”

“Valentine’s Day, is not a one day celebration, ‘coz if we know how to love, everyday is Valentine’s Day.”

ChiBoomz xoxo


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