Time flies so fast.

In less than two weeks, the month of March is kicking in. Many things to look forward, everyday is a day full of surprises, not knowing what lies ahead.

We live because we have too, fight and survive at the same time.

We love because we are human and as a creature capable of loving. We get hurt, cry and move on. It’s who we are.

Many people around us are unaware what we are capable of doing, some of them only sees what is visible to the naked eye.

Only a few, knows what we are deep inside. For me, I call them family. And some friends, I might say.

But a warning, not all of them deserves to know who you really are. In our world today, we can’t trust everybody. Just like us, they are also human capable of sin.

Sins like bearing false witness against their neighbor,  telling lies. And also, faking and breaking promises.

It is wise to say, that we should only trust ourselves for we know what we are capable of doing.

But some things maybe considered to be shared, happy moments and sad ones but to those who we trust a lot.

I’m the kind of person who gives my trust to those I see and feel that are worth of it, but if that trust is broken, it can never go back just like a broken glass.

There are things around us that are hard to explain, some contradict the other according to our own belief. But to be a better person, we must know, feel and act.

To cry is human, we have to pour out our emotions if we have to. We all have our weaknesses. However, weaknesses can be turned to strengths if we can make it through tough situations.

“Survival of the fittest.”

I have heard these words before, but I believe not only the fittest will survive,  but also those who are brave, wise, and loveable.

Also, we must not underestimate the weak, the weak has greater chance to survive. They even manage to make it through each passing day without relying on others but themselves.

Let us be reminded, that we are just human. From dust we begun, and we will end in dust.

Instead of looking back at the past, it is much better of we learn from it. If we think about the future and the uncertainties it brings we might overlook the present and the happy moments.

To sum it all up, forget the past but not its lessons, today is a gift that’s why it is called present, and future is a mystery.

“Live and love more. Expect and worry less.”

chiboomz xoxo


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