Writing out of nothing

It’s hard to write especially if you don’t know what to write about. The feeling that something is lacking or out of the picture. Words, ideas, feelings, moods, and some inspiration on what to talk about.

The feeling that you can’t seem to get anywhere. Frustrations we must avoid to write whatever we want to. Expectations to meet to those who are expecting us to write better. Awareness of what we are about to write and its effect to the readers.

Enough knowledge of the desired topic to be discussed. The use of correct grammar is also a priority,  proofreading is a right tool.

To become a good writer, one person must possess the right qualities; maybe just like what I mentioned above.

Capturing the heart and mind of the reader is a different story. In order to capture their hearts, we should be aware on what they would feel if they read what we have written.

In some way, we should write about things we could relate to. It’s hard to write if we haven’t experienced what we will write about. Readers who have similar experiences like ours can be captured through their hearts.

“To be a better writer, one has to have a mind that understands,  a heart that cares, and a hand that never stops.”

chiboomz xoxo


12 thoughts on “Writing out of nothing

  1. safakokab says:

    Exactly i agree with you.. all the qualities you mentioned are needed to be a good writer. And i think one needs to be a good listener and a keen observer also….

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  2. Wow, you just spoke my heart out! Even I struggle sometimes when I really want to write something but dont get any topic or aspect in my mind to write about. Agreed with the qualities you mentioned a writer should have! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. Really? It must mean I’m beginning to be a better writer. Oh I’m flattered by your words. We are both the same, I do struggle sometimes and even confused on what will be my topic.

    Thank you! 🙂


  4. lynnseynicole says:

    I find myself feeling “full” of things to write about, like I have so much to say but I just can’t say it or put it into words. It gets me frustrated and like you said earlier, confused. So you said it perfectly in this post!

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