Can’t get enough of Fifty Shades

I have read this article about Jamie Dornan’s wife, not watching Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m sharing it here with my opinion.

Here is the link:

Stated in the article:

“My wife hasn’t seen the film and I don’t think she will, to be honest,” Jamie, 32, revealed to the London Evening Standard at the U.K. premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey on Friday, Feb. 13. “I’d understand if she didn’t want to.”

I guess it would be quite awkward to see your husband doing intimate and sex scenes in the big screen with another woman.

In fact, if Jamie had it his way, it sounds like he wouldn’t want some of his other friends and family members to see his risque sex scenes in Fifty Shades either!

“I think there’s some stuff where my family and friends will never have seen that side of me before,” he told the paper. “But it wasn’t enough to make me not want to do it.”

Family and close friends of Jamie must have the same reasons like Amelia’s if they choose not to watch the movie. Right you are Jamie, they will never see you like that in real life. It takes a lot of courage to play Christian Grey, and I’m proud you’ve done it perfectly.

Jamie Dornan: The Sweet Way He Helped Dakota Johnson Through Sex Scenes

Amelia should at least take comfort in knowing that Jamie was a perfect gentleman throughout the filming of Fifty Shades.

He told Today show host Matt Lauer that he always helped Dakota cover up when the cameras stopped rolling.

“Let’s be honest,” Jamie said in his interview with Matt. “It’d be pretty shocking if I was just like, ‘Hey.’ For Dakota, it’s a different thing. She was literally in those scenarios for real. She’s tied up, she’s exposed, she’s naked. Of course when we called cut, someone had to step in — I’m not just gonna leave her lying there.”

Aww, so sweet! Jamie did add that he was “tempted at times” but he was clearly kidding. Rest easy, Amelia!

This is the part of the article I love the most. A gentleman Jamie Dornan towards his leading lady Dakota Johnson. He helps her cover up after the camera stopped, Dakota is lucky to have Jamie as his co-star. Indeed, it is very sweet! Jamie understands and feels how hard it is for Dakota to handle the hard scenes, being tied up with ropes, ties and hadcuffs while being whipped and beaten, and being naked. I salute your being gentleman Jamie. 🙂


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