First Sunday of the Season of Lent

Just finished attending the Holy Mass for the 1st Sunday of the Season of Lent.

The season of Lent is the time for us Christians and Catholics to repent for their sins which separates us from God. It is also the right time to change for the better good by letting go of the worldly things that we are so attached with. The time to have a change of heart, also known as “Metanoia”.

It is the time we must remember the love of God for man, the highest form of love, “Agape” in Greek Language.  God gave up his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from sin.

The Gospel for the 1st Sunday of Lent is from St. Mark which tells about the forty days and forty nights that Jesus travelled in the desert while being tempted by the devil.

It means temptation is everywhere. However,  if our faith is strong,  we can overcome it. We must believe that we can defeat whatever evil we encounter.

Keep the faith. Do good and God will do the rest.

chiboomz xoxo


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