My Personal Advice On Confidence

Confidence is a need in our world today. We should wear it like our favorite cloth and it shows! 🙂


Confident Woman Inspired4business

Hello Everyone.

Thank you for the on-going support and comments I really appreciate it!

Now, many of my followers get in touch with me and ask my opinion on certain aspects of being motivated and ask me for my perspective on matters.

One question in particular which I want to share with you is this one from Ian;

“How can I become more confident in myself?”

As I am not a Life Coach or Motivational Speaker, I wanted to give Ian the advice that has helped me personally. When I was younger, I had confidence issues and was very reserved. I now realise that I could have got so much  more out of situations, had I been more confident.

Here is what I advised to Ian;

                There are 2 ways in which I think you can become more confident as of now. The…

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