Last Time To Love

Sorry for being sentimental. I’m having several sentiments lately.

I think I’ll never look at love for the opposite sex the same way I looked at it before. Just like, I’ll never speak of love if it doesn’t exist.

Almost five months ago, I decided to end my relationship with my ex-boyfriend for reasons I can’t particularly talk about. He has changed a lot, he’s not the person I fell in love with.

I tried to socialize with others, hoping that I would meet the “The One” soon enough, but I was wrong. Everytime I got a chance to meet someone, it always end up to just being friends.

One day, I promised to myself that I will no longer search for “The One”, instead I’ll just wait. I also told my mom, that I’ll prioritize my career to get a permanent job.

I found myself blogging, writing and reading books these activities that I have never considered before just to keep myself busy.

Until last Monday, a leap of fate happened. After work, I saw an old friend of mine with someone else. I managed a smile and never bothered to come close since I’m heading home already. She called my name and that’s when I  move to greet her.

Anyway, its been five years since I last saw her and now she is a full-fledged lawyer. She introduced me to her cousin, who I thought was her boyfriend.  I was a bit shocked when she started to match us, her cousin was single and so am I.

Me and my friend chat while I was waiting for the ride  that would take me home. She asked me what happened in my previous relationship and why we broke up. She asked for my number and I gave it to her.

I’m heading home, when I checked my phone she was asking me out with her cousin. Honestly, it was her cousin who wants me to come. He was shy to ask me out, so he told my friend.

Since I’m already near at my aunt’s home, and my mom is in there I told them that I’ll get a permission if I can go out. It’s just Monday night and I’m not sure of my mom will permit me.

To my surprise, my mom allowed me to go out without any hesitation and didn’t give me curfew.

So, I headed to a restaurant where they are waiting for me. When I got there they are already drinking. Since, I don’t drink I just ate and tell stories.

I got the chance to meet someone who I thought I could share my heart with and not let it go. Sad to say, it was just another disappointment. A special night turned into an ordinary night after two nights.

chiboomz xoxo


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