I need to relax. I’m feeling sick. I’m absent at work today, just gonna curl up in bed, my body is aching.  It’s the weather here,  it keeps changing.

I can’t tale pain reliever medicine because I’m  allergic. Water therapy is the best choice for me to get well.

I’m gonna miss my task at the blogging101 course.  😦

I hope I get well soon enough to bring back all the energy I need.

chiboomz xoxo


4 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Sorry to hear about being sick. Take it easy and get some rest. Spring will be here soon, although that is a bad time for allergy’s. My wife has that problem and she is going once a week and getting a shot which is supposed to help. The program is a 5 year deal. Jim


    • Allergy is such a bad thing. Thank you for your sympathy. I have allergies in medicine and allergic rhinitis. I drink cetirizine, an anti-allergy medicine. However, it makes me so sleepy.

      That’s a long program, I’m happy to hear that you and your wife are doing ot together.


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