First of Summer


Its been a long time since I posted something on my blog. I’m quite busy doing random things, reading and a lot more.

I just recovered my energy today, and it costs me wounds that would take time to heal. After the planned activity for the Women’s Month Celebration which is the Fun Run/Walk at the Sea Side, me and my friends embarked in an unexpected journey. The journey was Hill Hiking, honestly I’ve never done anything like that before. I mean I’m used to climbing but not that kind of distance. The path is a rocky road and the sun is at its highest during the time we climbed.

I’ve got wounds,  muscle pain, bone pain, sunburns and dysmenorrhea out of this journey.  However, being at the top of the hill it is all worth it, the breath taking view, fresh air, no noise, no pollution, it was just us and nature itself.

We took the road less travelled by and it all made the difference.

chiboomz xoxo


4 thoughts on “First of Summer

  1. That’s very cool! I got out in my yard the other day and worked ten hours getting up old leaves and general cleanup for my garden and I have been paying for it since. I have a few bad vertebra’s and the pain can get intense. But I love the feeling of getting it done! To me it is worth the pain. O)k, not as exciting as yours but I thought I would share. Have a Wonderful Day!!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. We can get to know each other ny sharing, I think blogging is also about sharing.

      I do not engage in outdoor activities sometimes because of the effects of the sun, just early morning because the heat of the sun is still healthy for our body. But, after 8am the sun is already burning which is full of UVrays. Since, I got up already late in the morning, I just exercise using the treadmill. I stopped it for a while because my muscles are already aching.

      Have a nice day! Thank you!


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