Happy Mother’s Day!

A million words is not enough to express how blessed, thankful and lucky we are to have a mother.

We will not be in this world if we are not carried in their wombs for nine months and if they didn’t go through the hardships of laboring and delivering us in the hospital.
All the sacrifices they do just to give us what we need and want in our lives.



                        Mama and me.

chiboomz xoxo


Over with Amazon Kindle

I’m over with Amazon Kindle. Thanks to a friend who introduced me mo Kobo, also an ebook reader. Hopefully, I can get one here, not like Amazon Kindle which is very hard to find and purchase.

Now I know why it took me hard effort to locate a Kindle it’s because something better is coming in the form of Kobo Glo.

Best things come from small packages. 🙂

chiboomz xoxo

Boundaries in Blogging

In a very little span of time, I enjoyed blogging a lot. But when it comes to sharing to the people I know, family or friends, I have this feeling that I need to keep this blogging thing a secret from them.

Not all of them really know what I have been blogging about, and I intend to keep it that way. For me, the people who are close to me and don’t know what I’m doing means I’m worry-free and carefree from their judgemental eyes and minds. It also means I can be myself without thinking what they can say or think about me.

Press Publish

“You’re going to blog about me, aren’t you?”

If you haven’t gotten this question from you friends, family, coworkers, or random strangers at Target yet*, it’s just a matter of time. From the moment that I made it known to my friends and family that I had set up my own digital space to tell my stories, people in my life have wondered when, exactly, they would make their grand entrance on my blog and immediately start receiving their residuals.

*Hey, it could happen.

Almost four years into my blogging stint, my friends and family now know that I would never write anything personal or sensitive about them, and even if I did, I would vet the post with them first. None of us lives life in a vacuum, so it’s important for us to exercise discretion when we share our world on our blogs. The truth is that there are other lives…

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Humanity and Technology


Photo prompt: Bicentennial Man

Personal Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Smart watches, these are just examples of gadgets that are in today’s trend.
In these modern times, technology has become fast-paced. Almost every month, new models and units of gadgets came out; hardware and software are always updated; light and heavy weighted machines are developed; human and animal shaped robots are made out of very tiny pieces.
Some people have those things while others don’t. People with these kinds of things are somehow lucky because they can afford to have one amidst the growing crisis in the world. On the other side, people who cannot have these things as of the moment are still considered lucky because they remain to be simple and didn’t succumb to pressure to have one.
These material things have advantages and disadvantages depending on the different aspects and perspectives of the user and the people surrounding them. Also, these things can bring us lessons in life which we never knew about.
We are humans; we need and want technology in our lives.
We can change technology, but we can’t let technology change us.

Friday Fictioneers: The Road Less Travelled

Friday Fictioneers “Every Friday authors from around the world gather here to share their 100-words and offer constructive crit and encouragement to each other.” 


Photo Prompt: ©Dawn Q. Landau

“I shall travel, doesn’t matter how far it goes”, Christian said as he was catching his breath. Christian was walking alone on the railroad before the mountains when he saw something. It was a Yellow Billed Cuckoo, a bird rarely seen but was known historically.

Christian took out his camera to capture the simplicity of its beauty. He captured the photo perfectly.

After looking at the photo, Christian thought to himself, “The road less travelled by is one of the most extraordinary paths taken by an individual; it holds many secrets and surprises.”


Only Rumors

I freaked out when I saw articles that Jamie Dornan will not play as Christian Grey for the next two sequels of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Who else will do it better than Jamie Dornan? He gave a very good justification of being Christian Grey in the film, as the “Dominant”, I mean he nailed it effortlesly!

Happily, it was just a pure guess. People who lack attention do create different rumors to have one. E! News confirmed that those speculations was not true, here is the link that says it all http://www.eonline.com/news/629149/jamie-dornan-is-not-leaving-fifty-shades-of-grey-rumors-are-pure-conjecture.

ChiBoomz xoxo

Need and Want


If only I have extra money, I could buy Kindle. Kindle is a gadget exclusive for reading. I’ve looked up the price online and it cost $79.00 at the Amazon website, the only problem is I don’t have a Dollar account. If you convert it to Philippine Peso it is almost equivalent to Php3,397.00 which is affordable.

I’ve also looked at online stores here in PH but the price is expensive, it costs Php9,000.00, it makes a lot of difference from the Dollar price.

I still got hope that I can find a Kindle that is affordable here. For the meantime, I downloaded the Kindle app in google playstore, so I can read on my phone. 

ChiBoomz xoxo