Humanity and Technology


Photo prompt: Bicentennial Man

Personal Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Smart watches, these are just examples of gadgets that are in today’s trend.
In these modern times, technology has become fast-paced. Almost every month, new models and units of gadgets came out; hardware and software are always updated; light and heavy weighted machines are developed; human and animal shaped robots are made out of very tiny pieces.
Some people have those things while others don’t. People with these kinds of things are somehow lucky because they can afford to have one amidst the growing crisis in the world. On the other side, people who cannot have these things as of the moment are still considered lucky because they remain to be simple and didn’t succumb to pressure to have one.
These material things have advantages and disadvantages depending on the different aspects and perspectives of the user and the people surrounding them. Also, these things can bring us lessons in life which we never knew about.
We are humans; we need and want technology in our lives.
We can change technology, but we can’t let technology change us.

Courses at the Blogging U.

I’m looking for a blogpost at the Daily Post which I read last night through my phone. It is about the opening of the Blogging101 and Photography101 Courses this March. I’m pretty sure I have liked it.

I have found it already and I’m ready to sign-up.

ChiBoomz xoxo

Day 2: A Limerick about Journey

1416652722RoadFrom home we start our day,

Left it to take a straight or curvy way.

We cannot tell, 

If it will be a bit well,

But then, it is only us who can finally say.

This is the second day of the Poetry course at the Blogging U., I can’t believe that I am capable of doing this. Honestly, I’m not quite a fan of Poetry, but now I certainly am.