Facebook Page

After two months of having a blog, I finally decided to have a Facebook page with the same title of my blog.

I think it will help in getting more audience. However, I find it difficult to promote my page in Facebook.

If you want to help me, please do visit this link I’m providing below:

A Little Bit of Everything

Thank you!


Ebooks and Kindle

My colleague sends me ebooks. Unfortunately, I don’t want to read it here in my smartphone. I have to consider my eyesight to prevent it from getting more unclear.

I really need to buy Kindle as soon as possible. If you know someone who can help me or if you can help me, please do. Thank you very much!

chiboomz xoxo

Need and Want


If only I have extra money, I could buy Kindle. Kindle is a gadget exclusive for reading. I’ve looked up the price online and it cost $79.00 at the Amazon website, the only problem is I don’t have a Dollar account. If you convert it to Philippine Peso it is almost equivalent to Php3,397.00 which is affordable.

I’ve also looked at online stores here in PH but the price is expensive, it costs Php9,000.00, it makes a lot of difference from the Dollar price.

I still got hope that I can find a Kindle that is affordable here. For the meantime, I downloaded the Kindle app in google playstore, so I can read on my phone. 

ChiBoomz xoxo