“Invictus” Vs. “Oh Captain, My Captain”

Invictus“, by William Ernest Henley and “Oh Captain!, My Captain!“, by Walt Whitman. These poetic pieces were presented during a declamation contest in celebration of the English Month in our school.
I presented “Oh Captain! My Captain!” with all the drama it contains, I even added gestures to make it more realistic. On the other hand, “Invictus”, was presented by another contestant, a friend of mine. She did a very good job delivering the said piece.
She won the contest with the “Invictus” piece and I end up at first place tied with another contestant. I’m proud to say that even though I didn’t win the contest, at least I experienced to be in it.
I will never forget these lines in “Invictus”:
“I am the master of my fate.”
“I am the captain of my soul.”