Happy Mother’s Day!

A million words is not enough to express how blessed, thankful and lucky we are to have a mother.

We will not be in this world if we are not carried in their wombs for nine months and if they didn’t go through the hardships of laboring and delivering us in the hospital.
All the sacrifices they do just to give us what we need and want in our lives.



                        Mama and me.

chiboomz xoxo

Books and Me

Many books to be read after Trigger Warning:
♥ The Little Prince – I have gotten an ePub copy by conversion
Beyond the Highland Mist ♥ To Tame A Highland Warrior ♥ The Highlander’s Touch  ♥ Kiss of the Highlander ♥ The Dark Highlander ♥ The Immortal Highlander ♥ Spell of the Highlander ♥ Into the Dreaming 

Highlander Series, the prequel to the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

Darkfever  Bloodfever  Faefever  Dreamfever  Shadowfever  Iced  Burned 

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

♥ The Geography of You and Me ♥ Jennifer E. Smith 
Why Men Marry Bitches Sherry Argov 

And many more, I can’t wait to read them all. 🙂

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I need to relax. I’m feeling sick. I’m absent at work today, just gonna curl up in bed, my body is aching.  It’s the weather here,  it keeps changing.

I can’t tale pain reliever medicine because I’m  allergic. Water therapy is the best choice for me to get well.

I’m gonna miss my task at the blogging101 course.  😦

I hope I get well soon enough to bring back all the energy I need.

chiboomz xoxo

Do You Enjoy Your Life?

Start enjoying your life.

Happiness is a choice.

This post said it all! 🙂


Happy Sunday! I want to share a small post with you today about You. You were born to do great things in your life and do what you want to do. Most people just go thru the motions each day; they wake up to a clock and don’t eat properly before rushing out the door, then they set in some traffic to get to a job they really don’t like. They barely make it the eight or nine hours then go home and eat and then watch TV and then repeat. Their weekends are time for having a little fun, drinking a few drinks and maybe grilling out and then more TV. Then it is Monday! Does this seem about right? This is not what you were born to do! It starts with getting up. What you do every day is what makes the difference from living the life I…

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