Day 3: Blogging 101 Course @ Blogging U.

Hello everyone! I came across my reader today, specifically with the blogging101 tag. I have read some posts, liked it, and followed the blogs as well. Here are the posts and its blogs: (Please click the link if you wish to see it for yourself.)

1. Blogging 101, Day 3 – Vortre
2. Reasons Why – Cosmic Love
3. Mission – Sensitive Adventures
4. What is it all about?? – Trinket Pie
5. The Story Behind the Name – Mission:Incomplete

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did. 🙂

Over with Amazon Kindle

I’m over with Amazon Kindle. Thanks to a friend who introduced me mo Kobo, also an ebook reader. Hopefully, I can get one here, not like Amazon Kindle which is very hard to find and purchase.

Now I know why it took me hard effort to locate a Kindle it’s because something better is coming in the form of Kobo Glo.

Best things come from small packages. 🙂

chiboomz xoxo

Kindle: A Reader’s Perspective


Up until now, I’m very much dismayed by the fact that Amazon Kindle is not recognized here in our country.

Since yesterday, I have been asking people here in my workplace, in my social media account, even in the mall. Sadly, all of them don’t have the idea of what I have been looking for.

Does it mean Filipinos are not good readers? I mean, having a single Kindle is almost equivalent to thousands of books. It can save money, time and effort in one hand than buying in bookstores. Book stores where books are often out of stock.

Think of it. I’m saying all of these because I’m really disappointed. But, I think I really make sense.


Its been a long time that I’ve been searching for a Kindle Ebook Reader as you’ve noticed on my recent posts I have been asking for help.

Today, I have found what I have been looking and waiting for. However, I think and feel that it was not for me because it can be sold thru Paypal. I don’t have any idea on how to handle those payments using Paypal.

I feel disappointed, I wanted and needed iylt so badly. 😦

chiboomz xoxo