A Busy Weekend to a Relaxing Weekend


Today has been a busy day even though it’s weekend. I haven’t got enough time to visit my blog until now. I’ve read a book, got an appointment with my dentist after a long time to adjust my braces (slightly painful), headed to the grocery store to buy food and some stuff.

Now, I’m just chilling here in our terrace trying to relax a bit. The wind and view are calming. It’s sunset here and I can see lights starting in the places surrounding me. I missed being here, away from the noise in the city. It’s just me and the volcano.  🙂

chiboomz xoxo

Over with Amazon Kindle

I’m over with Amazon Kindle. Thanks to a friend who introduced me mo Kobo, also an ebook reader. Hopefully, I can get one here, not like Amazon Kindle which is very hard to find and purchase.

Now I know why it took me hard effort to locate a Kindle it’s because something better is coming in the form of Kobo Glo.

Best things come from small packages. 🙂

chiboomz xoxo

Fifty Shades Forever

Just watched a video in Youtube entitled “Top 10 Ridiculous Fifty Shades of Grey Facts“. Click the title to watch.

In some way, it made me smile. For me, the most ridiculous fact is the sixth one. It shows celebrities reading the books and acting out as Ana and Christian. Especially, the part where the word “Oh my” is repeatedly said by the reader.

This made my day a lot more better.

A Start of a New Week

Some people begin their week with Sundays while some with Mondays.

No matter what day we start the week, it is up to us on how we start it.

Having good vibes is a must. We must start fresh, let go of the unnecessary things that occur in the past. If we dwell too much in our past, it may become an hindrance in starting anew at the present.

Let us be inspired to be better bloggers.

Have a nice week ahead fellow bloggers! 🙂

ChiBoomz xoxo

About Friendship

A friend is someone who you can rely on other than family. Mostly, during the happiest times of your life, and some at your dull and weakest moments.

There are friends, good friends, great friends,  and true friends. All of them do exists, as the saying goes, “No man is an island”, as well as “Man does not live by bread alone”. Therefore, a person always has someone whom they call “friend”.

However, the word “friend” differs according to the person’s perspective. Just like any other word, it can have different adjectives. Good friends are the ones who are good if you’ve shown them goodness, in other words they will do you the same favor. Great friends are the ones who know how to share you’re greatness into certain things for they have experienced the same.

True friends are the ones who will remain true to you, be honest with you of all the truth you deserve even if it will hurt you at the beginning. They are the ones who you can trust with your secrets without having seconds thoughts of being publicized or vulgarized. The ones who you can cry on and laugh with when you feel like doing so.

Lucky are the people who have these kind of friends. They can never feel alone in this world full of strangers.

Sadly, if there are true friends, the exact opposite also exists, they are called “fake friends”. They are the ones who wear different masks. They wear a mask with a smile, even though deep inside, they frown. They say good things in front of you, but if they talk to someone else, bad things came out of their mouth, and they will tell stories about you which are not even their own business.

It’s hard to identify “fake friends”, for they have a mastery of disguising using different masks. You must be aware when you met one. The lesson you should learn is to choose wisely who you can trust, sometimes “fake friends” are masked as “true friends”.

I am lucky to have these kind of friends, good, great and true.

Just a tip, in having friends, number is not a concern. It’s alright to say “I have few friends, but I know they are true”.

I’m ending this post through a question, which kind of friends do you have? Feel free to comment your answer below.

chiboomz xoxo

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Hectic Friday: More like Monday

I missed a lot of blogging today. I can’t let a day pass by without blogging.

Many things to do back at the office. I’m glad that its weekend tomorrow. I hope I can find time to blog about new ideas, topics, activities that I experienced during the times I can’t blog.

It really feel happy whenever I blog, my stress goes down to zero. Its like I unloaded a heavy part of me. Especially I can share the things that make me happy.

I love it here. No judgment,  no cruelty, no issues.  Just normal. 🙂

chiboomz xoxo