Day One Task: Introduce Yourself to the World

This is the first task of the Blogging 101 Course at the Blogging U. I’m excited to introduce myself as well as meet new people in the said course.


Name: Michelle Chua  Nicknames: Mich, Che, Babylove, Chingay, ChiBoomz ♥

Birthdate: April 24  ♥ School: Divine Word College of Legazpi ♥ 

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 

Agency: Department of Agrarian Reform (Government) 

Employment Status: Contractual  Position: LDIS Specialist/Database Administrator 

You might ask where did I get “chiboomz”, “chi” – short for Chingay (my aunt used to call me this since I was a child) and “boomz” – from an online game. (weird isn’t it?)
Get to know me through my posts.
I don’t know how to put in words my attitude and characteristics. But I do believe I’m a good Catholic, I strive to be good and better each passing day.
I do believe in the saying “Time is gold“, we should value it because its one of the things we can never get back and also we should give it to someone worth it.
I choose to blog publicly than to keep a personal journal because I want to share who I really am and conquer my shyness when it comes to dealing with new people.
I write random things, as you can see my blogsite is named a little bit of everything. I hope everyone will love and appreciate my blog. If I choose to blog throughout the year and the years to come, maybe I can have many followers and better posts, well, only time can tell.
That’s all for now. Hope you appreciate my sharing! 🙂
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8 thoughts on “Day One Task: Introduce Yourself to the World

  1. IMHO, time is the real currency. The rich pay someone to clean their stuff so they can have more time to do something else. Rich people travel by air instead of land to have more time at their destination 🙂


  2. “Time is Gold” exactly. The one thing that is taken for granted and the one thing we cannot ever replace. Nice to meet you ChiBoomz (AWESOME name btw) I’m learning every second to be a better “steward of time” Happy Blogging and can’t wait to read more. 😉


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