Still Not Over Fifty Shades However

I’m still not over the story of the Fifty Shades, considering it’s a trilogy and I have only seen one on the big screen.

However, I’m open about the idea of reading other novels having the same theme of Fifty Shades, particularly erotic and romance novels. Its not that I’m addicted but I love to read as well as writing. I did some research and here are some novels I find interesting and may have the same impact like the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

  • Bared to You, Reflected in You, Entwined with You, and Captivated by You – Sylvia Day

  • Blindfolded Innocence (Trilogy) – Alessandra Torre

  • An Innocent in Paris (Classic) – Barbara Cartland

  • Fever Series – Karen Marie Moning

Hopefully, I can read it soon enough! 🙂


The Majestic Mayon Volcano

20140614_171409 This photo was taken using my smartphone at our terrace.

Famously known as “Mayon Volcano”, an active volcano located at the Province of Albay, Bicol Region, Island of Luzon in the Philippines. 
Its perfectly shaped cone is one of the reasons why it stands out among other volcanoes in the country. Another reason, it is the most active volcano, with forty-nine (49) eruptions over the past centuries. 
There is also a folklore about the Mayon Volcano. If you want to read the whole story, click here. It is about a beautiful and sweet woman who was loved by two handsome men. 
If you want to travel here in the Philippines, come here at the Province of Albay to see the famous and majestic Mayon Volcano. Summer is a perfect time to appreciate more the beauty of this famous landmark.


“It’s more beautiful here in Albay!”

Truth and Reality

A great inspiration!
This quote from the famous Mahatma Gandhi speaks of truth to its highest form.
In the first sentence, it involves the truth about you, the truth you know and speak, and the people around. You, of all people, knows who you really are deep down inside your mind and heart. No one except God can judge you, for no one else knows what runs in your mind and heart, unless you speak of it. When you choose to speak of that truth about yourself and any truth that you know, many people will always have something to say about it. Some will believe you, while others will not and even contradict what you have said. Today, the sad reality is that people will not just contradict you but judge you in your face and behind your back with other people who don’t know who you really are. Those people will get the wrong impression of the truth about you which is the worst case possible.
In the second sentence, Gandhi states that you should never apologize, that is absolutely correct. You never have to be sorry for showing and speaking what is true and correct. In fact, those people who have contradicted and judged the truth you speak of, are the ones who have to apologize for what they did. Maybe, they can escape from their wrong doings in the eyes of fellow-men but never in the eyes of God.
In the last sentence, Gandhi encourages you to be brave enough to speak what you know is right and true. Whatever your status in life, you should fight for the truth. 
“The truth will set you free.”
“The truth will always prevail.”

chiboomz xoxo

Fifty Shades Forever

Just watched a video in Youtube entitled “Top 10 Ridiculous Fifty Shades of Grey Facts“. Click the title to watch.

In some way, it made me smile. For me, the most ridiculous fact is the sixth one. It shows celebrities reading the books and acting out as Ana and Christian. Especially, the part where the word “Oh my” is repeatedly said by the reader.

This made my day a lot more better.

My Hair


I’m gonna miss my old hairstyle.  The cutter made a new style out of it under my notice. I told her to only remove an inch from my hair, only the split ends.

I don’t know what gotten into her to make this style. Hopefully, I can manage it well everyday. I hate fly-a-ways, I really do!

I’m gonna wake up early just to dry it so it won’t mess up with the wind.

Hair is a crowning glory for women.

chiboomz xoxo

My Personal Advice On Confidence

Confidence is a need in our world today. We should wear it like our favorite cloth and it shows! 🙂


Confident Woman Inspired4business

Hello Everyone.

Thank you for the on-going support and comments I really appreciate it!

Now, many of my followers get in touch with me and ask my opinion on certain aspects of being motivated and ask me for my perspective on matters.

One question in particular which I want to share with you is this one from Ian;

“How can I become more confident in myself?”

As I am not a Life Coach or Motivational Speaker, I wanted to give Ian the advice that has helped me personally. When I was younger, I had confidence issues and was very reserved. I now realise that I could have got so much  more out of situations, had I been more confident.

Here is what I advised to Ian;

                There are 2 ways in which I think you can become more confident as of now. The…

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