Birthday Girl




Long time no blogging. I’m 26 today. Braver, stronger, fiercer, matured, loving and caring.


Long Time No Blog

Its been a while since I last posted here inΒ  my blog.

Many things I have done and things that I got to do. Religion duties, family time, love life, work, friends and dreams to fulfill.

In two weeks I will be celebrating my birthday, ahead of me is my dad’s birthday and my special someone. I need to buy gifts, hopefully I need to have extra money that is why I need to work.

On the third of May, I will be taking the exam needed for my work in order to be a permanent employee, I can feel that I will pass this time.

Please pray for me to pass the exam. Thank you!

I’m way past my bedtime, it’s 1:01am here. Time for me to sleep since I have overtime at work tomorrow morning.

I miss all of you here. πŸ™‚

chiboomz xoxo