So many books, so little time

After going to church, I decided to go to the mall. While waiting for my mother,  I entered the National Bookstore.

There are so many books that got my attention and interest. If I will be given enough money, I would buy all those books.

I don’t know what gotten into me to be so inlove with books. Before, reading is the least favorite thing I like to do. I’d rather watch whatever there is to watch. But now, all of my interests are suddenly connected with books.

Actually I have borrowed many books from my officemate before, up until now I can’t read them all. I really find it hard to save extra time for reading.

If only I have plenty of time and money, surely I will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. For me, reading and writing are just like family,  hard to separate.

I even have this crazy imagination of having a large library and everyday I will just take my time to read all of the books.

I wish I could buy kindle, sadly I can’t afford the price. 😦

chiboomz xoxo


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